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North Ft. Myers, Florida
Cranks No Start Diagnostic

Your vehicle requires 4 key characteristics to start up adequate power, good fuel pressure, engine compression and spark. Your vehicle’s battery provides the power. If there is adequate power, but the vehicle still will not turn over, comprehensive testing is required to determine which of the other 3 is the root of the problem and why.

Test for spark, fuel and compression
Inspection of spark plugs for fuel, coolant and specified gap
Check of timing belt, if equipped
Test for fuel pressure and voltage to fuel injectors
An answer for the cause of the malfunction
An estimate for repair
Engine Light Off / Runs Poor Diagnostic

If there is no check engine light on but your vehicle is running poorly, or if your vehicle was manufactured prior to 1996, this is the engine diagnostic service for you.

A Road Test of the vehicle to verify complaint
A test for power, fuel and spark
A complete battery and charging system analysis
If applicable, testing of the components within the ignition, fuel, EGR system, exhaust, and/or vacuum systems
If applicable, testing of compression
An answer for the cause of the malfunction
An estimate for repair
Engine Light Code Pull Diagnostic

Stop guessing and start assessing! Know what is going on with your vehicle so you can make an educated decision that will put you and your passengers back on the road safely and with confidence.

A scan of your vehicle’s on board computer using state of the art equipment
Documentation of the diagnostic trouble code(s) (DTC) and code description(s)
A database check for any technical service bulletins issued by the vehicle manufacturer that may be related to the DTC(s)
An estimate for repair
Smoke Test Diagnostic

Your vehicle is equipped with an evaporative emissions system. The purpose of this system is to prevent the escape of harmful gas fumes into the environment. At times, a DTC may be retrieved that indicates a vapor leak in the fuel system, or an EVAP code. Since vapor leaks are not visible, the introduction of smoke in the system will allow the technician to see the leak. The Smoke Test is performed in addition to the Engine Light On Diagnostic

Usage of state of the art equipment designed to pump smoke through your evaporative emissions and fuel systems
Detection of the leak
An estimate for repair
Is your check engine light on? An engine light doesn’t always mean a huge repair bill. The engine light illuminates anytime a fault is detected in the vehicle emissions system. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap, or as complex as an intricate engine malfunction. Either way, Mom & Pop's can help!
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Computer Diagnostic NFM
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